Windsurfing : noun / (wĭndˈsûrˌfĭng) a sport in which you sail side offshore logo high glassy waves standing on a multifin board and holding onto a 4.7m sail or,
alternatively, you bust out some freestyle power moves.
Synonyms : boardsailing
Windsurf : verb / (wĭndˈsûrfˌ)

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Our blog has moved. After one year “living” under tumblr’s roof we keep on blogging around the creative side of windsurfing here!

We celebrate this blog’s birthday with a Ho’okipa ripper interview.

Graham Ezzy gets interviewed at zakel | windsurfing!

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Sick skopu funnell from Julien Mas!


One of the most progressive riders in France sharing his sessions with us.

Check Vincent Mellouet’s blog "Low pressure"!


… it’s hard to find a parking lot at the famous Ho’okipa rocks!


…shhh I’m reading… and dreaming of that left at Magheroarty!


emotionally charged

at the Munich Premiere of Mind Wide Open the Movie!

Photo: Ermis Tsoupras


We loved part I

Henrik Jamaer presents some more… The Flipside!

Don’t you like the song? Freestylers feat. Belle Humble!