Windsurfing : noun / (wĭndˈsûrˌfĭng) a sport in which you sail side offshore logo high glassy waves standing on a multifin board and holding onto a 4.7m sail or,
alternatively, you bust out some freestyle power moves.
Synonyms : boardsailing
Windsurf : verb / (wĭndˈsûrfˌ)

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Season in Hawaii just kicked off!

Watch Graham Ezzy (rippin on a Levi Siver’s single fin!) Keith Teboul, John Skye & others at Mekka on a Jeff Bennett video.

More videos & photos at



Burying the rail and throwing a goyta… simple and stylish!

Brawzinho @ Lanes Maui by


Air takas come easier while training with Brawzinho!

Victor Fernandez at Maui!


Massive backies & pushies plus some stylish carving turns on clean wave faces from one of britain’s finest. John Skye at his best. 

Big thanks to for posting our interview with Skyeboy at this week’s feature section!


Living paradise! At least for Jason Polakow, Levi Siver, Matt Meola, Taylor, Will, Ipe and Duane Desoto.

A great clip filmed and edited by Jeffrey Loewe.

Leo Ray's 9-5 daily routine at… Maui!

More Windsurfing Videos

John Skye, one of our blog favorites, presents his latest clip with footage from Klitmoller, Tiree and finally Maui. Check skyeboy’s interview @ zakel here!

Spotted at beachtelegraph.